I get it. I’ve been there. My plan, my course, my idea! That is how my life should be. Sure, there may be a few bumps or forks in the road, but I get to plan the course.

Ever feel that way? Ever feel like your life is in…your hands? How do you feel when your life doesn’t turn out the way you planned? How do you feel when life takes an 1800 turn? Doesn’t feel good, does it?

Perhaps a young couple has their lives before them. Find a job, find a home, settle in. Live in this area for 10 years and then move to another location. Lather, rinse, repeat, or something like that. It was their plan until…and you can fill in the blank. Disease, job loss, marital issues.

There is a song with this lyric, “We are all one phone call from our knees.” All may go as planned until that accident happened or that fire took everything…that one phone call.

Now, those are serious “forks” in the road. What about when it isn’t so serious? What about when you are thinking you will be offered a certain position only to have that position go to someone else? What about when you plan the party and you need to cancel at the last moment because something came up? What about when the home you want to buy gets purchased by someone else?

Life still goes on. There is no death in the family. There is no disease to contend with for the next years. All that happened was that your plans did not come to complete fruition. Life goes on. No death in the family. No disease. Just frustrations. Just annoyances. “Why does this always happen to me?!”

Sound familiar? We love life, as long as life goes the way I want it to go. But, when it doesn’t we get frustrated, upset, angry, sad.

God says, “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.” (Proverbs 16:9).

When we can finally trust God the way he wants us to trust Him, then that passage is such great news. Would you really want to have your life fall into your hands or plans? I can’t see what path my decisions will lead me until I am already on that path. God, however, can see where I am going. And, God knows what effect those decisions will have on my life. But, more importantly, he knows the impact on my eternal life.

So, what does he do? He establishes our steps. He guides us. Sometimes it may not seem pleasant. Sometimes it is not the path we would have chosen or desired. But, we can only see the present. God sees the future.

And, he will continue to establish our steps until those steps lead us into heaven.

No, I am not saying that we should be happy in every situation or look for the silver lining in every decision because after all, sin also has an effect on us and this world. But, maybe look past the current situation (no matter how unpleasant it may seem, or how amazing it may seem) and know that nearby is the God who is still establishing your steps. Leading you to him; leading you to heaven.