How would you define a king? Strong? Powerful? Dominant? …Defeated???

Wait, that last one does not make any sense. If a king is ever defeated in battle, they will no longer be king. The one who defeated them would now be king.

This Sunday is known as Christ the King Sunday. How do you picture Jesus as King? Do you picture him on his throne? Do you see him commanding angels (Psalm 91:11)? Do you imagine him with people bowing low, unworthy to look upon the face of that Holy King? As King, do you see him…on a cross?

I mentioned this Sunday is Christ the King. You would probably imagine hearing lessons from the Bible all about Jesus’ power and strength. You probably would imagine listening to stories of his dominance. But, one of the lessons for this Sunday is of Jesus on the cross. He is being mocked. He is being crucified. He has a crown, but it is made of thorns. He is…dying. Defeated?

Sarcastically there was a notice above his head – Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews. It was a notice of mockery. The Roman leaders wanted to show all who saw this crucifixion that if you consider THIS guy to be your king…this is what we do to your king. The Jews even protested that Jesus only claimed to be king…he is NOT our king.

More mockery; more insults; more torture. The ruler and soldiers hurled insults at him: “He saved others; let him save himself if he is God’s Messiah, the Chosen One.” (Luke 23:35, emphasis added)

To that I would respond…wasn’t that the point?!

Kings are supposed to rule for the benefit of the people. They are to look out for the people and their safety. But, if a king’s life would be threated, no longer is the chief concern for the people. It is for themselves.

That is NOT Jesus. There was one reason and one reason only why Jesus came: to save others; to save YOU. It was the reason for the cross. It was the reason for the death. It was the reason why he was forsaken by his Father. He endured it all. He took it all. He…saved others. He had no interest to save himself from this. His only interest was to save you.

I find it ironic how unbelievers stated the truth, even when they didn’t know. These rulers and soldiers said Jesus saved others, and he did. The high priest that year said of Jesus to the other leaders: You do not realize that it is better for you that one man die for the people than that the whole nation perish.” (John 11:50). I couldn’t agree more!

Then, there was Pilate. As Jesus was on trial, he said this: “Here is your King” (John 19:14). Yes, Pilate, he is the true King. The King who gave up everything so his people would have everything. The King who sacrificed himself so that he would save so many people. The King who left his throne to be put on a cross so that in the end, we will be by that heavenly throne!

Yes, Pilate – THAT is my King!

Side note: I extend an invitation to you all to come to Centennial this Sunday to hear more about our true King Jesus. Our worship service is at 10:00 AM. Yes, he seemed defeated on the cross, but that was when this King was showing his greatest strength. It was at that time he destroyed the devil and all sin. Come and learn more!