He was never the biggest, in fact many times he was the smallest one in any group. He had older brothers who would insist he wasn’t welcomed to join them on their adventures because he was too little. It was then when he developed a saying, “I can do it myself!” He would use that phrase to prove to others he was big enough, strong enough to handle anything.

His brothers would want to climb a tree. They would tell him he was too little. They would ask, “Do you want help?” in a sarcastic way. He would respond: “I can do it myself!”

Mom and dad were always there to help him. They would turn to their little boy and say, “Let me help you with that.” Those words hurt, so he would respond: “I can do it myself!”

There were times when he could do it. He felt the accomplishment of doing something on his own. But, there were also many other times when he couldn’t do it by himself. Instead of asking for help, he would insist he could do it. But, he would fail. That failure did not deter him. He would continue to try to do it by himself.

That attitude both helped him and hurt him. He was very independent. As such, he never wanted to work as a team. At work, the boss would ask them to pair up to work on a project. He would insist: “I can do it myself!”

As a young man, many times he had the strength. There wasn’t much he couldn’t do. Failures were fewer and farther in between. He grew in confidence. His childhood saying became his life motto now: “I can do it myself!”

He grew, not up, but older. The gray hair which started to appear and wrinkles which made a permanent home on his face were unwelcomed guests. He could pluck the grays and try to add creams to take care of the wrinkles, but the back pain didn’t seem to go away. He realized something – he was growing old. The mirror never lies. Neither does the added pain with age. His once confident saying started to turn into a question: “Can I do it myself???” For the first time in his life, he wasn’t so sure about his own strength. What happened?

As the years changed and month after month was ripped from the previous year’s calendars, he felt weaker and weaker. His entire life was built on his strength. Now his strength is betraying him, abandoning him.

Having avoided going to the doctor for years, because after all he would say “I can do it myself!” he realized that was no longer an option. It was difficult. He felt his future was in the hands of a complete stranger. What will his doctor tell him to do? Will there be any complications or disastrous diagnosis?

The appointment wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great. A lifetime of trying to do everything on his own left his body broken and weak. At 50 he felt more like 70.  Why? How? Will this continue until his end?

His saying now changed even more. No longer was he saying: “I can do it myself!” Instead in desperation he would mutter, “I CAN’T do this myself!”

Can you relate? Do you ever try to accomplish everything by your own strength? As a youth, did you feel invincible, but now as you age, you feel there is more you can’t do than what you can? Has your confidence in yourself reached an all time low? Do you also feel there is no way you can do all this yourself?

God never asked you to. He doesn’t tell you to do it yourself. If anything, he tells you to lean on him and his strength. God tells you this: Look to the LORD and his strength (1 Chronicles 16:11).

It has never been about our strength. Yes, we try. We may even succeed from time to time. But, on our own, we will never conquer. There may be small victories, but we will never win the battle or the war ourselves. Because our strength weakens. But, God’s strength does not!

Let me tell you why we feel we can’t do it ourselves – not only because we CAN’T do it ourselves, but because of sin. Sin has weakened us. Sin has caused us pain and removes any power we may think we have. But, worse than that, sin removes us from God. Sin shows us how impossible it is for our strength to do anything. Sin can make us feel helpless and hopeless.

Well, don’t feel hopeless. Instead, Look to the LORD and his strength (1 Chronicles 16:11). God showed us his strength. God’s strength lifted the cross. God’s strength took all that sin and put it on Jesus on that cross. God’s strength destroyed the devil and sin and death. God’s strength restores your spiritual strength again.

God understand exactly how you feel. He knows you can feel helpless and hopeless. He simply asks you to do one thing. Look to the LORD and his strength (1 Chronicles 16:11). Look to God. Look to his strength. If his strength is strong enough to remove all your sin, then his strength is strong enough to do everything. He will help you in every trouble. He will protect you from your spiritual enemies. He will strengthen you in his word.

And, his strength does more than lift a cross and put Jesus on that cross. His strength one day will lift you into his arms and into heaven forever!

So, do you feel weak? Look to the LORD. Do you feel burdens? Look to the LORD. Do you know your sin? Look to the LORD. Do you feel like life is just too much for you? Look to the LORD. He has more strength than we would ever need and he wants to use that strength to help you. Not only to help you in this life, but to give you eternal help for heaven. Burdens lifted, sin forgiven, troubles removed, guilt taken, problems destroyed. How?

It isn’t by my strength. It is by God’s strength. Look to the LORD. He has a gift for you…it is his almighty strength!