Are you ever accidentally smart?  No, I am not insulting you, at least not trying to insult you. I know I have been accidentally funny in the past. I was not trying to make people laugh but it happened.

But, how about being accidentally smart or accidentally right about something? If you are very smart, then more than likely it isn’t on accident. You can’t get a perfect ACT score accidentally. But, have you ever had that conversation – “Oh Greg, you WERE right about that!” Only to respond, “I was????” like you are completely shocked that you were right for once.

There was someone who was accidentally smart or right on something in the Bible. I don’t even know if he knew how right he was.

Here is the scene: Jesus was gaining in popularity. The people looked up to him. It was not what the church leaders wanted. People were turning to Jesus instead of to them. Then, Jesus did the unthinkable – he raised Lazarus back to life! This would make him even more popular than before.

Enter a “behind the scenes” story. The leaders, jealous leaders, gathered together. Everyone knows what they want to do with Jesus. They need Jesus gone. They can’t just lock him up because more than likely he would be able to walk right through those bars (Luke 4:28-30). A fine wouldn’t do anything because Jesus can make money out of thin air (Matthew 17:24-27). The only thing they could do was…have him killed.

So, this “dumb” man came forward to accidentally be smart and right. He was the high priest that year. This was his solution: Then one of them, named Caiaphas, who was high priest that year, spoke up, “You know nothing at all! You do not realize that it is better for you that one man die for the people than that the whole nation perish.” (John 11:49-50).

Ok, maybe I should apologize for calling him dumb. After all, what he said was brilliant! Actually, what he said is exactly what God wanted. But, he didn’t know that. He was only looking out for himself. He only cared about his wellbeing, but not his spiritual wellbeing. They all felt the Romans would eventually get sick of this Jesus and take all their power away and perhaps take away their lives too. So, Jesus must go. Better to have him die than for the whole nation to perish.

How true! It was after all, the reason why Jesus came.

Imagine having to do what Jesus did. I am not just talking about dying on a cross. That would be very painful. But, look past just the physical death to what Jesus REALLY suffered. He suffered God’s wrath. Without Jesus, we would all have to suffer that wrath. Do you want to do that? I know I don’t. So, you do not realize that it is better for you that one man die for the people than that the whole nation perish.”

That high priest may have been only accidentally smart or right that day. But, what he said, rather what Jesus did is amazing for us. It was so much better for that ONE to die so that we will not perish. That one is Jesus. The one saved is you.

So, are you very smart and always right? Or, are you just accidentally smart or accidentally right from time to time? Honestly, when it comes to your spiritual matters, it doesn’t matter. It isn’t by our intelligence. It isn’t by us being right all the time. What matters is that God is always right. What matters is that God didn’t want you to perish. What matters is that Jesus loves you. What matters is the One who lives in your heart now. And, what matters is what that One did for you. He died for the people (you and me) so that the whole nation (all his believers) would not perish. Instead, because of that One and all he did, we get to live, forever in heaven!