Over the next 6 blogs, I would like to focus on a very familiar Psalm, Psalm 23.  Each passage of that Psalm is rich in God’s love for us.  This first blog will then focus on the first passage: The LORD is my Shepherd; I lack nothing (Psalm 23:1).  You know the words, but do you believe the words?

“I lack nothing!  Really??? I’ve looked at my back account!  I see the repairs my house needs.  I see how my car keeps breaking down.  I notice how I have vacation time but can’t afford to go on a vacation.  Pastor, how can you say that I lack nothing!?”  First of all, it isn’t me who says it. It was King David.  Secondly, look at the context.

I read a book about this Psalm once.  I believe the author took a year to be a shepherd, just so he could fully understand what it meant to be a shepherd.  I could have saved him some time.  Sheep are cuddly, fuzzy animals.  They offer wool, but do they really offer anything else? (I suppose they are good to have at a petting zoo).  Sheep are…helpless.  Even the one item they offer, they can’t shear themselves.  Yet, if they are not sheared, (according to that book) their wool becomes matted and worthless, filled with bugs which bite them etc.

Then comes a wolf. What does a sheep do?  How does a sheep defend themselves?  Yep, it is pretty vicious to hear their battle cry… “Baaaaa!” Oooo, pretty scary!  That ought to take care of that wolf!

Put it all into human perspective now.  If the LORD is our Shepherd, what does that make us?  We are sheep. (Do I need to write again how helpless sheep truly are??).  But, there is also a wolf.  It is the devil.  The devil will use anything to get us.  He is smart.  He doesn’t just come and attack the whole flock (not usually).  He comes to entice sheep away from the pack.  A temptation here, a lie there.  He will use just about anything.  Past sins; guilt; job; family; friends; weather; pain and suffering.  You name it; he will use it.  He doesn’t care. He will even use God’s word (Remember Jesus’ temptation? Matthew 4:6).

You may worry about your bank account or your home or your family.  But, if all that is true that the devil will not stop until he has you away from the flock in order to pounce on you, then you should stay awake every night worried about when that will happen.

Do you? Why not?

I will tell you why not – The LORD is my Shepherd.  The devil, the wolf knows he needs to get through the Shepherd first in order to get to you.  What does that Good Shepherd give you?  Here is a short list (not even CLOSE to all he has done): forgiveness, love, peace, joy, hope, happiness, protection, life, companionship…oh, and heaven!

I lack nothing.  Do you finally agree with that?  Today, right now, that Good Shepherd stands next to you.  The battle, the war finished.  He is victorious, and that wolf has been crushed.

You may feel like there are areas in your life where you are lacking.  Perhaps it is your bank account or your health.  But, what does the Good Shepherd give you?  He has taken care of all your spiritual needs. You have forgiveness, because of Him.  You have God’s love and peace, because of Him.  You have hope even in this hopeless world, because of Him.  And, you will have heaven, all because of Him.  Which of those would you be willing to give up so you won’t be lacking in your physical life? (Oh, and Jesus also will take care of that too, by the way).  And, since you and I wouldn’t be willing to give up any of those spiritual blessings then guess what…we lack nothing!

The LORD is my Shepherd; I lack nothing. Thank you Great Shepherd of the sheep!