What you are going to read is going to be difficult to do.  Some may even say it is impossible.  Some may not want to hear it. But, it is the absolute truth.  Ready?

Before getting to that, a quick question – how many of you like to be micromanaged? It has happened to me several times.  It isn’t fun.  I remember one specific time.  I was working that summer doing remodeling work.  My main job was demolition. Sounds fun, right?  Some days it was ok.  Nothing like taking your frustrations out with a sledge hammer against a wall (that I was praying needed to be removed).

At this specific job, I worked alone.  My boss told me all the walls needed to be removed in this house and all the debris needed to go into the dumpster.  So, I did that.  He forgot something.  He forgot to order the dumpster.  It probably would have taken a larger crew several days to do the job.  Perhaps he didn’t order the dumpster yet because he didn’t think I was going to get that much done.

Well, I must have had a lot of frustration that day…I had the entire upstairs of the house completely demolished in less than two days.  Still no dumpster.  The boss comes by.  I thought he would be impressed that I was done WAY ahead of schedule.  What did he say?  “These piles are not neat enough!” and then he left.  WHAT?!  How dare he!  These piles of garbage are not neat enough!  If he wanted it to be neat, get me a dumpster!  Needless to say, I quit a few days later and found a job where the boss actually appreciated me.

Perhaps that is micromanaging to the extreme.  Have you ever been micromanaged?  “I need you to do this job for me, but I am going to stand by your side the entire time to make sure you are doing it the way I would do it.”  Almost makes your skin crawl.

It is never fun to have a boss who micromanages you.

Do you ever micromanage…God?

Here is where it gets difficult.  Ready yet?  Let’s start with a question…what is one of the greatest insults you can do against God?  Sure, not believing in him or trusting in him.  But, both of those examples actually can fall under micromanaging God.  The greatest form of insult to God is trying to take away from him something he has done and only he can do.

How do we do that?  Well, answer this question…how are you forgiven?  Quick answer would be to say – by Jesus.  That is correct.  But, is that always your only answer?

When it comes to your forgiveness, have you ever thought…how do I KNOW my sins are forgiven?

Like I said, doing what I am about to say is very difficult.  We are built to NOT act this way.  Think of this scenario…let’s say you are married or dating someone.  You make that person very angry (let’s say, you forgot their birthday, for example).  They get mad at you.  Slam doors in your face etc. What is the very FIRST thing you think? Isn’t it, “How can I make this better?”

How about when it comes to our sin against God?  What is the only way we are forgiven?  You answered that already…JESUS!  In fact, think of what Jesus said on the cross – IT IS FINISHED (John 19:30).  What does that mean?  It means the payment of sins is DONE.  It means that all you have done and will ever do is GONE.  It means that Jesus has taken your sin as his own and wiped your slate CLEAN!

But then, why do we ever feel like we need to do more to make sure our sins are forgiven?  Some have even told people they need to do so many prayers or Hail Mary’s to receive that forgiveness.  Why do we feel this way?  Because it is in us.  I did something wrong; I need to make up for that wrong. We want to be sure.  I have heard it so many times on people’s death beds.  I will probably say it too… “Pastor, how do I KNOW FOR SURE that I am forgiven and I get heaven!”

How do I know?  JESUS!  Jesus said so: IT IS FINISHED.  What is the difficult thing for us to do (or not do)? Don’t micromanage God. Don’t try to take his job.  He’s got this.  He doesn’t need your help.  He just wants your heart.  There is nothing you need to do.  Sins are forgiven; slate is clean.  Trust in God that you are completely forgiven and there is nothing you need to do.

Why?  Because Jesus says so!