How do you feel about prayer?  When do you pray? Is it something you do daily?  Do you begin and end each day with prayer?  Or, do you see prayer as a last resort?  Your team needs to make this field goal to win…time to pray!

I spend an hour or so each month visiting with her.  Each time I come she is sitting in her chair.  Very rarely does she leave her room.  Her meals are brought to her.  For years she has found herself in a 10x10 (or so) room.  The same four walls; the same furniture; the same routine.

This last visit was little different…she asked the question for which I wasn’t necessarily prepared (although I have heard the question before): “Pastor, why am I still here?  I really don’t have a purpose in life anymore.”  What do you say to someone like that?

“Well, remember, you can always…pray!

The story which hit my wife’s Facebook page, also hits every single parent’s heart: an infant child needs a lifesaving surgery.  A Flight-for-Life trip to the hospital which could actually do this surgery, caused a question from my wife’s lips – “I wish there was more we could do than just pray.”

Do you ever feel that way too?  Have you ever felt like you have no purpose in life and the only response is…well just pray?  Have you ever found yourself in a dire situation, which makes you feel so helpless that you wish you could do more than just pray?

I don’t remember the exact words I used when I answered my wife, but it was something like this: “Is there anything more we can do that would be more powerful than prayer?”

I get it; prayer seems to be a last resort.  It is often forgotten, and its power often gets overlooked.  We are “get‘r done!” people who want to see results from our efforts.  Prayer takes all our efforts out the picture.  “There is nothing more we can do, so I suppose, let’s give it to God.”

It can make us feel almost hopeless.  “You mean to tell me all I can do about this whole situation is to talk to God about it?  How do I know he is listening?  How do I know it is doing any good?”

My answer?  “What more do you want to do?  What more can you do?”  What does God say?  The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. (James 5:16).  What makes a person “righteous”?  Being covered in Jesus and his righteousness.  So, what makes prayer powerful and effective?  Well, if we are praying and we are covered in Jesus, who is doing the praying for us?  Isn’t it the Almighty God and Savior, Jesus – the one who covers us in his righteousness and his power?

In prayer we fall before our God, knowing we have zero power in ourselves to do anything, and we solely trust in God to do what is best for us.  Is there anything more we can do that would be more powerful than prayer?!  I would argue there is actually nothing more we can do; and even nothing more we would want to do.

So, prayer is not a last resort. Prayer isn’t just a ‘hope’ we throw up to heaven, hoping that it will do something but actually has no power.  It isn’t something we use the same way as hoping to win the lottery, that there really is no power in prayer.  Prayer changes things.  Prayer puts all your concerns in the lap of the Almighty God.  Prayer takes us out the equation and puts only God into the equation. Prayer is powerful and effective.

After all, remember when you pray, TO WHOM you are praying!  Perhaps that will change your perspective on the power of prayer!