Do you have a favorite song or hymn for the season of Christmas?  So many to choose from!  Which one would be the favorite?  To make the question (perhaps) easier, how about this – of the whole repertoire of songs we sing this time of year, which would make you the feel the most incomplete…if you didn’t get to sing it?

I feel the greatest Christmas song ever sung is one…we will never sing.

Read this paragraph and try to guess who I am talking about: It happened a long time ago.  A baby was born. Would this baby change the world?  The Father gazed upon the face of this little baby with a smile on his face.  This baby was his pride and joy.  For those moments shortly after the birth, it would seem like the world had stopped.  Was the world rejoicing over this baby?  Or, was it just this Father who was rejoicing?

Who was your guess?  Was is one of your own children?  Was it the newest baby to your family or extended family?  Or, was it Jesus?

Let’s continue that child’s life.  The Father never left the child’s side.  He saw it all…skinned knees from falling off their bike; hurt feelings when the child tried something but failed, tried again and failed again.  The Father felt it all as this child pushed the Father farther and farther away.  In love, this Father would instruct but the child wouldn’t listen.

Now who is your guess?  Does it sound awfully familiar?  Is it familiar because that is…your story; my story?  The Father is our Heavenly Father.  We are his children.  He sees it all; feels it all; knows it all. Every step. Every decision. Every sin. Every Wrong. The Father has seen it all. Love can really only go so far.  How far does this Father’s love go?  The story told us: Today, in the town of David, a Savior has been born to you (Luke 2:11).

It seems impossible.  Once we finally realize our story – sin and failure followed by guilt and personal rejection.  Will the Father reject us too? How far does this Father’s love go?  To a manger; to the cross. The Father’s love for you is endless.

Now what does the Father do?  Brace yourself when you read this because this is the coolest thing EVER: The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves.  He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you but will rejoice over you with singing.” (Zephaniah 3:17 emphasis added).

I have held every one of my sons in my arms.  I have spent hours I wish I could have back again, looking down upon their tiny faces.  Even if you are sleep deprived, when you see your tiny baby, you can’t help but have a smile on your face.  And, in several occasions, my heart was filled with so much joy over this child that I would start to sing.  It didn’t matter what song it was; it was just a song!

Greater than that is…that is what the Heavenly Father does when he thinks of you.  He holds you, mistakes and all.  He smiles upon you, rebellion and all.  He rejoices over you with singing, sins and all.  That love he has for you has never changed.  It is stronger than any other love.

How far does that Father’s love go?  As he holds you, he sees the manger; he sees the cross.  He sees where his love needed to go.  His love needed to build the manger.  His love needed to allow the cross.  And, the entire time, he is rejoicing over you with singing.  The Father’s love gave us Christmas.  The Father’s love sent the angels to sing their songs.  The Father’s love has taken away our punishment and defeated all our enemies.  The Father’s love has no limits.  The Father’s love causes him to sing!

As you continue to prepare this Advent Season, remember where you are…you are in your Father’s arms.  He looks upon your face with a smile.  His Son, Jesus, has taken your sins.  All your mistakes are gone.  In response to that grace, what does he do now?  As he holds you, his heart is overjoyed thinking of you…so he sings.