Today is an exciting day.  It is the last day of school.  Do you remember those days?  For the children at Word of Life, they basically have the same routine each year on this day...come to school (hopefully on time) and begin the cleanup.  They are working hard at getting the classroom clean and ready for summer.

It is also at this time when the School Yearbooks are handed out and all the students run around, trying to get autographs etc. from each student...and each teacher!  I get included in on that too...a long line of students wanting to get my signature.  Makes me feel like I understand how celebrities feel when people what their signature. :)

The graduating class isn't "required" to come to school, but they show up.  One thing is for sure...there is EXCITEMENT in the air.  Some are just glad to be done for the year.  Others have vacations which were planned or baseball to play or video games to enjoy.  Excitement!

But, then what?

I suppose you could say I am a "seasoned vet" with being a pastor.  I understand I am nowhere near those who have been a pastor for 20+ years.  But, I am also not fresh out of the Seminary either.  There is also a trait I noticed at this time of year...not only do people take a vacation from school, but in many cases, it seems they take a vacation from Jesus!  I have noticed over the 12 years I have been out of the Seminary: a drop in church attendance each summer as well. If you are vacationing and you are going to church while on vacation...that is AWESOME!

But, do you do that?  Or, are the months of June-August a time for you to ... get away from church too?

Hopefully I am not coming off accusing anyone of anything.  I don't know who will actually read this, so I can't accuse anyone.  But, think about it...when you go on vacation, where on the list of priorities is making sure to find a church near you to worship?  Is it first?  Or, is this the first time you thought about it, after reading this blog?  Even if you are not on a vacation, where on the list of priorities is making sure to find time worshiping your Savior in church each week of the summer months?

Here is where I pray I am not accusing you because here is where I want to encourage you.  These are the very words of Jesus: Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you REST! (Matthew 11:28, emphasis added).

Do those words describe you - weary and/or burdened?  If so, come to the only place you can find rest from both of those problems.  Come to Jesus!

Jesus doesn't want you to take a vacation from him.  He wants to GIVE you a vacation each time you are connected to him and his love in worship!

So, have you noticed some added stress in your life?  Do you feel worn out?  Even though summer just started, do you feel like you need a vacation?  Then, come and get your vacation each and every week.  Come get the rest you need throughout the summer months and each month of the year.  Come to Jesus.  Because after all, he has promised you rest. Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you REST!