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April 2019

Bring Your Children (And Yourself) to Jesus!

Do you know everything the government does each and every day? Do you know the decisions they make and how that will impact your life today and for years to come? Nope, I know what you are thinking and this is NOT going to be a blog about our government. But, there is a point (I hope). I read a devotion this morning in preparation for Holy Week. In it, the devotion talked about the 10 plagues of Egypt. You can read those in Exodus 7-12. But, a thought occurred to me as I was reading...


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Good Works...NECESSARY?!

Earlier this week I was asked to do a blog on good works. By the way, if you would like me to write on a topic, please let me know. I am always looking for ideas. The topic of good works could be a long series of blogs, but I will just write on whether or not good works are necessary. Early church fathers debated this topic. Martin Luther (shortly after God’s word revealed to him that Jesus was the ONLY way to heaven) felt that such books like James should not be in the Bible....

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