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December 2019

Your Christmas Gift? Eternal Help!

By now you have been inundated with all things Christmas. I say that, not in a negative way but in a very positive way. I know many of us shed tears during this time. How can you not?! The music alone causes a challenge to get through without your eyes watering just a little. Holidays are times when families get together. Sadness can come when one or more of those family members are no longer with us. But, those tears are not always sad. There is a reason why we CELEBRATE Christmas. We...


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It's GOD'S Word, Not Ours

Do you want to know the hardest thing you can do? Pastor, seriously, the HARDEST thing!? Yes, the hardest thing. Ready? It is to keep the first commandment. “You shall have no other gods.” Oh, I get it, there are several commandments which are also very difficult to keep. But, if you break any of those other commandments, then you have already broken the first. You haven’t put God FIRST in everything. You didn’t put your love for him first; your love for his word...


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