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December 2017

Your Worth in God's Eyes

With all the technology and travel capabilities, the world seems a little smaller than it once did.  But, the fact still remains...you are just 1 person in a world of nearly 7.5 BILLION other people. Does that make you feel small or unimportant? Just go Christmas shopping, you will see it.  People are rushing this way and that to check off the remaining gifts on their list. And if you are standing in their way or parked in their way...watch out! (maybe you are one of those...


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Healing by touching a cloak

  Are you struggling right now?  That is a wide open question.  What do you mean, pastor?  Well, are you struggling?  Financially, physically, spiritually? As I write this post, we are 10 days from Christmas Day.  10 DAYS!!!  Are you ready?  Maybe you have a lot to do yet.  Do you feel the pressure to fit it all in?  Are you feeling the financial pinch as you want to make everyone happy?  10 DAYS!!! Trust me, I understand if you...


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Focus on Jesus

  The other day I was driving back to my office. I can't recall if it was for church or a meeting, doesn't really matter. I left my driveway and saw many of my neighbors had decorated for Christmas.  This was great considering that many also had decorated (some to the extreme) for Halloween.   Glad to see Christmas decorations were also part of their seasonal decor... Anyway, I looked at these decorations: Strings of lights, snowmen, candy canes, Santa...


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