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October 2018

No Fear in God's Love for You

Let’s begin our reading today with a little quiz.  Don’t worry, I will not grade your quiz.  I will give you a list of “fears” and see if you can figure out, if you have these fears, what it is you fear.  (If you watched “A Charlie Brown Christmas” you may know some of them thanks to Lucy).  Perhaps you could put your hand over the right portion, so you can guess first. Ok, here we...


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Don't Run Away

"Why would you want to save ME?!” Ever ask that question of Jesus?  You have heard the story before:  Jesus came to save sinners.  Jesus died on the cross to take away sins.  Jesus gave up his life so that I will have life.  But, “why would you want to save ME, Jesus?!” Maybe that feeling came after, once again, drinking one too many.  Maybe it came after that curse word flew from your mouth instead of words of love.  Maybe it...

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God's Final Emotion - Tears of Joy!

Bible Trivia time. What is the shortest passage in the Bible (in English)?  Did you guess John 11:35?  Jesus wept.  His friend Lazarus had just died.  Jesus was caught up with much emotion.  He could take it no more…so he wept.  Not cried; not “shed a tear” – Jesus WEPT! Do you think he has that much emotion over all his family members when they pass away? Bible Trivia time again – What happened to Moses at the end of his...


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