Bible Studies

Come on in, grab some coffee, sit down and learn the Word with us!   You will have everything you will need to take part in our studies, from the study resources, pencils to take notes, even the Bibles will be provided!  You can bring your own resources if you would like but know that if you need them, they will be there for you.  Consult our website calendar or contact the church office for the schedules of these ongoing studies.


This is the class where we review
the doctrines of the Bible,  Even
though we call it a new member
class, everyone is invited to this
class to review and study the
foundations of the Lutheran
faith and get better
acquainted with their faith.  New
classes are starting all the time. 
Consult our website calendar or
contact the church office for an
updated schedule.

God's Ways is a unique 2-year 
course that starts at the beginning
of the Bible at Genesis and works
its way through to the very end of
Revelation.  It is informative and 
detailed and a great way to better
acquaint yourself with the timelines
of the Word as well as the characters
within.  This wonderful study is on
Monday nights with a break for a
snack and discussion.



These topical studies are presented
by Pastor Pufahl and are always
timely and informative.  They are
usually 10-12 weeks in length and 
are always filled with a lot of
discussion.  Coffee is provided. 



Our women's studies are always
a joy in which to take part.  Once
a month, we gather to discuss 
various topics that relate to women
and our faith.  We share, we connect,
we pray and we have fun as we 
explore Scriptures together.