Women's Book Club

Anytime is a great time to read a great book!  Our women's book club is a friendship of women who love to read and discuss what we have read.  We will read all kinds of books; christian fiction, non-fiction, biographies, or just great literary reads.

We spend a little time at the start of our get-togethers catching up with everyone and what is new in our lives (if you want to share - you are not required to do so) and then we dig into our latest book choice and discuss the book we just read.  We meet monthly at different locations, enjoy our friendship and coffee and perhaps a bite to eat.  We end our monthly gatherings by choosing a new book to dive into the next month.  

We never get bored and we always have a book that is challenging and uplifting with an ultimate positive message.  To see our past books and our current read, please see our Recommended Reading page to get a sample of what we read each month!